Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Caps for Sale!

This one book, (part of the homeschooling curriculum) my daughter had fun playing pretend!

A new word she learned- peddlers! We looked around manila, yes there are a lot of peddlers around.
Fun word she learned is moustache, we kept on drinking milk and making milk moustache
Balancing my Caps

I tried to draw copy the same technique one scene from the book, pointing out details as we go along.

Finding a song to match it, we sang Monkey See, Monkey do from the Kindermusik album.

She tried to develop her balance skills with all the caps on top of her head.

Fun fun fun- my daughter is a hat person
Also trying her patience in  putting cups one on top of the other, slowly slowly to make sure it doesn't topple down.
Daughter saying cup, cups for sale!