Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A is for Ark!

Continuing our alphabet lesson, here is one that my daughter is excited to get aboard to.

page taken from Alphabatics by Suse MacDonald

Hugging me with joy as she saw the ship-like facade.

Frontera Verde, Ortigas Ave., Phils.
Making the day trip more meaningful, we read a book from her dad's childhood collection of Bible books, guess what the story is about? :)

Book 8 of My Bible Friends, Noah's Ark - When God Flooded the World

Seeing the bunnies eat greens and carrots encourages her to eat her veggies.
Happy to greet us is this munching bunny which my daughter
keeps on calling Buttercup from the book The Little Rabbit.
And our trail begins...

We've never seen cats this close

Laughing our hearts out as this bearcat mistoook our fan as food

Survival instincts make her move away from the snake on the bench.
Which is the Orangutan left or right?!
Birds freely perched up high
Snake loosely slithering on the bench

My daughter has a story to tell about the mother and father turtle with kids! Oh what a big family they have!
Happy to see characters in her book come to life.

Guinea Pig, Squirrels, Bunnies, Meerkat & Prairie Dog

My daughter couldn't stop from bleating as she heard the first time the sheep say baa, baaaaa, baaa!

Goat, Sheep, Donkey & Pony

On our way out of the ark, still she couldn't stop calling Mr. Bear's attention, because we are now rowing the book Ask Mr Bear and she keeps on talking to him!

Bear trying to drink from the dripping water fountain

As happy as we were to see them in this facility, I still couldn't forget what my daughter said when she saw the cages. "They are sad, because they want to get out." 

Zoos should take care of their animals and each one has to have a genuine purpose of preserving wildlife.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Learning ABC

Anywhere you are , make it a learning experience. As we are walking along, my daughter shouted in glee as she saw the giant abc's! Pointing at each one, she was identifying them and wanted to have a pose for each letter.

Taken behind Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines

To go along, there are hundreds of ABC books, here are some of our picks. 

1. ABC Bunny, a Before Five in Row Book, a curriculum we are using now.Also a Song from the author comes with it.

Activity to match the book Is an online resource printed for vocabulary enrichment and matching game

Print, Cut, Match and Paste!

2. Alphabatics, my daughter loves this maybe that's why she quickly learned the letter sounds and words in this book.

Left, cover; right, a sample page where we read the letter then the sound as we progress to the word itself

Learning is never a task if you are having fun.

Matching the word, emphasizing the sound to its corresponding letter.

3. Other books to supplement learning ABCs:

Enjoy your first steps to reading with your child!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Preparing to be a Breastfeeding Mom

Every time I hear a friend who is pregnant or just gave birth, I am eager to be of help in her journey to be a breastfeeding mom.

Our first two months

I want to share that emotional attachment we had through breastfeeding, because  of the health benefits for mother and child. It is a natural birth control and not toits financial savings.

Here are some ways to prepare for it:

Hospitals offer free seminars, also pump supplier Medela Moms usually offer seminars throughout the year.

Some hospitals in the Philippines have an in-house consultant, if not you may refer to La Leche League's website for counselor details, it is a non-profit organization to help educate and support women who want to breastfeed.

I read this during my first pregnancy, now I'm reviewing it again. This book is my complete guide to breastfeeding.

showing the Latest version, I read the earlier one

This book I happily got free during world Breastfeeding Week, it catered more to the Philippine condition and experiences.

some breastfeeding challenges in this book are quite similar to mine

This has a section about breastfeeding, it's more of a mom book. I can relate to this book since we  have used and experienced most of what they were discussing. This is ideal to the Philippine Market because most suppliers are local.


Few months before giving birth to my daughter, a friend showed me how to pump milk, gave recommendations, how to store milk,  what to expect. This has been an experience I will always be thankful and will remember.

Right after giving birth, nothing prepared me to the actual breastfeeding. I was in a dilemma since hands-on breastfeding is quite different in hearing and reading what to do. Luckily,  we were able to go to one of the breastfeeding advocate's house guided me with what to do.


Pump and Storage Bottles-  some don't need it, hand express works for them ,
If you decide to get a pump, either manual or electric,  invest on a good one,  it saved me lots of time and i was able to easily empty and store when I came from long meetings for my daughter's use every time I'm out working.

Comfortable Clothes, Bra and Cover-  nursing clothes, nursing bra and cover are convenient but not a must, a buttoned blouse, flexible bra that you can put the cup down and a shawl will do

Some ideas taken from Indigo baby on how to use a nursing cover

Nipple Cream - should be 100% Lanolin, this will soothe the soreness in the first week

I loved each moment I held my daughter in my arms as she feeds. It is a magical moment I would like each mother to experience.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Walk in Yexel's Toy Collection

When my husband said they are doing research on a toy museum, we were excited.

 The owner's love of toys has brought us into his doorstep. So off we go...

Though we couldn't find a book to tie with our trip since we have shied away from Disney books and the likes, but since we are a fan of movie themes, I know my daughter will be having fun.

The Simpson's couch welcomes us in

My daughter's  favorite animated film - Toy Story

Daughter swooped past all the display as
she saw a glimpse of Mickey Mouse in the next room

She didn't watch Sponge Bob,
 but a plush toy once accompanied her in
E.R. & she never forgot him since.

Walking past these, toddlers don't take much interest here

Life size Lightning McQueen

Several Comic Heroes

DC & Marvel Heroes
Are you saying something Spiderman?

Life Size Star Wars Characters

Now how big is BIG?

Up we go the ladder to ger a better look at Prime

My daughter hugged all non-villain character in Mario Land!

A photo with the collector

It has been a superb day, always have fun and bring out the child in you!