Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fun Learning this Christmas

What makes each day of December fun? 

1. Celebrate Christ's birthday
To celebrate Christ's arrival, we are counting the days till the 25th with an ornament a day to hang in the tree.

2. Christmas lights, trees and goodies
Do I need to say more? :)

3.Music & dance
Opening the second semester is a Christmas special from her class. Moving up together with three year olds, our daughter is starting to learn to join other playmates and go around singing and dancing to the season's music.

4. Drawing and story telling
A special story for this season as told by their teacher.

5.Gift Giving
Fun fun with Santa's Elves as they distribute Christmas goodies and the kids give some of their own too.

6. Chrismas book surprise
We read christmas story every day since 1st of December.

7. Friends and Family
It is The season where we spend with people that matter.

Have a Joyous Christmas to all!

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