Monday, June 22, 2015

An Applause to Dads!

It's daddy's day. 

We started the morning with a greeting and a hearty breakfast.

The day before, we made our father's day craft and discussed a lesson or two. 

1. Fine motor skills- cutting

2. Math- sizes 
We compared her feet with her little brother's, and also her hand.

3. English
After cutting all the letters we were making the sounds of each letter and rearranging it to make the right word.

4. Science
My daughter was awed learning about light projection and color projection. (we used her blue sunglasses to project blue). 
We learned about shadow and the distance of light from the object affects it's size.

5. Theater

Her dad had a funny mini "show" from the cast of Star Wars.  While watching, my smiling and ecstatic daughter said "Daddy you're the best!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Independence Day

We are celebrating Independence Day by talking about Flags and Geography.

1. The Philippine Flag
Flags were distributed for independence day celebration, and that inspired my little girl to make one of her own.

To be able to draw it, I made dots for her to follow.
With the original flag on the side she drew and matched the colors,.

2. Philippine Archipelago
The first time my daughter recognized the Philippine Archipelago is through the puzzle map she was using when she was less than 2 years old. She continued to point it out in every place she sees and especially our shirts.

3. Philippine Map
We got her a Philippine Map, we pointed at the places we've been to, her grandmother's province and where we are.
We also color coded Luzon Visayas Mindanao.

To end it, I told her that we are celebrating the time we are free. And she answered me, but mommy I am free. :)

I hope we continue to think like a child and be free.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Alphabet Game: Bb

It is home shopping time, get your bayong (basket) and let us fill it up with things that starts with letter 'b' ! --or whatever letter your child wants to start with.

Roam around the house.
Get the child saying the sound of b.

Give some samples before you start.
After the shopping, go to the checkout counter.
Prepare a mat as your counter, lay it all out and talk about each item.

One sure way to get kids learning letters is to have fun!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dressing Themselves

Children want to do everything on their own.
They find a sense of fulfillment when they achieve something new.
With Yayas (Nanny) at their side, we sometimes forget the lesson they learn by doing it on their own.

1. Clothes- Zip it up

2. Stockings- right, left and pull it up

3. Lace the Shoes

4. Wearing Shoes- don't forget to show how Velcro works

5. Accessorize with a bag, zip, snap and hook

Make allowances for time, be patient. Remind them that their skills get honed with persistence and practice. Happy teaching.