Sunday, September 20, 2015

Adult Coloring Book Craze

Everywhere I look I see adult coloring books, several themes to choose from, different bindings and paper type. You'll get lost among the chaos of what is supposed to be a relaxing activity.
A recent book launch by Jomike Tejido has caught my eye. He has diverse works ranging from Banig Painting to Children's Books.

Illustrated are select works from his eight years of painting.

What is interesting is that it is Filipino in character, you see Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut), Maya (common bird found in the Philippines), Ibong Adarna (a mythical bird from Filipino Folktale), Vinta (colorful sailboats) , Butanding (Whale shark) and many more.

Here are our first try, my daughter and my work on the left, my daughter's solo work on their right. We used color pencil as our medium.

Shown above are postcards of some of his works. We got this freebie during the book launch.
We were lucky to have our copy signed.

I am posting some clips from the book, no copyright infringement intended.
All my reviews and selections are based on my honest opinion and is not sponsored in any manner. 

Book: Goodnight Bunny

1. Book: Goodnight Bunny
A very simple story, but it left my daughter laughing.

2. History:  Family Tree
There's an app for your family tree but making or having a picture of each family member will be a great activity for you and your child.

Discuss names we call our relatives, in Chinese every member is specific whether father side or mother side and 1st, 2nd, 3rd child and so on.

We have a big family tree,  we started with our immediate family members.
 I still have to call on relatives to have everybody accounted for.
3.Math: Counting Game
Practice counting , let your child count slowly, in several languages also.
Common Language spoken in the Philippines

This is a go-along book we used for ABC Bunny.

It is time to have annual family gatherings, try to make it more often, have fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ABC Bunny Activities

1. Book:ABC Bunny
We have been reading this Five days in a Row.

2. Writing
Practice one letter a day in a pad paper, to make it fun. We did a letter tree just like in the book.

3. Science: Weather

4. Music
We sang the book, notes are included in the book. (Music played and  available in Youtube)

We identified quarter notes.

5. Pre-reading skills
Play games with letter sounds.

6. Art: Charcoal Drawing

7. Art: The Starry Night by Van Gogh
Similar strokes to Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, we have attempted to do, crayon as our medium.