Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wool, Weave , Baaaa!

1. Book
We are currently rowing (reading five days in a row) Ask Mr Bear. A book to go along, we used Charlie Needs a New Cloak.

It is about the process of sheep shearing, weaving and making a cloth.

2. Practical Life Activity
Something as simple as weaving can have several benefits:
  - Development of fine motor skills, manual dexterity and manipulative skills
  - Development of concentration
  - Building self-confidence

We were aiming to weave a new cloak, we weaved a bracelet instead.

3. Art & Science
Dye a cloth.

4. Field Trip
See some Sheep , watch a sheep being sheared, or watch someone who is looming.

Be creative and make it fun, that is the time children learn most.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Make Believe!

Pretend play has a vital role in a child's developing mind.
Encourage your child to use his or her imagination, sail the seven seas, create a theme and live the story.

1.Book & Music: Rupert the Wrong Word Pirate

   Language: Practice making your own rhymes, play a game when in the car or waiting.
   Music: Listen and move to the same theme, it is easier for them to remember.

2. Math: Counting 1:1 correspondence
Count slowly and making sure that you count one item at a time.
Start with left to right to prepare the child for reading sequence.
I would suggest get real coins not a digital one.

3. Listening and Imitating
Since the book is about pirates, do some pirate languages for the child to say after you.
Ahoy there, Matey!

4. Science: Animal to See at the Sea
Show pictures and toy of sharks and whales, better yet, visit an oceanarium or go penguin watching.

5. Pretend Play
From Pirates to Princess, here is a craft activity. We made our own crown, pretend play has never been so sparkly!

See you in the land of make believe! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Children are Fascinating Authors

Children are witty, funny and thinks with no bounds. They have creative stories that we could record and recall later on.

Most of the days, my daughter and I pretend to be animals, like a kangaroo and a joey, which was inspired from last week's book Katy no-Pocket, but today is different. My daughter said she is an author with a pseudonym named Margaret Wise Brown.

In case you are wondering, George is a monkey,
 he is at the center, being held by two firefighters

I intended to write all her ideas and make some illustrations, but she took the initiative and drew, while referring to the cover of Curious George.

I was her secretary, she was telling her ideas, I write it down. I made some sketches in a separate paper as she renders her own version of it in her 'book'.

The monkey George is sitting in a vine up the tree

Well, the book launch was a success because my daughter assigned me as the 'buyer' of her book. She'll be making more she said --for daddy next time.

Read to your child, it inspires them in many ways. :)