Friday, July 24, 2015

Book: Katy No Pocket

We are using Before Five in a Row (bFiar) as our curriculum, we read the book five days in a row, do some activities with it and read some books related to it.

1. Book: Katy No Pocket

2. Science: Animals
We played pretend and called her my joey for several days and hopped around. I showed her my picture with kangaroos.
There are more than twenty animals in the story, we identified and discussed what makes them unique.
Some animals that had special interest for my daughter, we talked more about it.

3. Geography: Australia
We located the home of the kangaroo.

4. Math: Counting animals

5. Craft: Sock kangaroo

5. Experiencing it: Riding in a carrier 

6. Character Development
We discussed about generosity and read some bible verse about it.

Hapy hopping everyone.

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