Thursday, July 23, 2015

Introduction to Geography

As June started we became a little more strict on our home school schedule. My daughter is ready for geography since she took interest on origin of places, flags and 'travelling' through our books.

1. Show a globe and relate a map, describe its difference.

2. Identify land and water.

Color and separate land from water

3. Identify seven continents, we are adapting Montessori's method of mapping the continents.

We cut out felt paper and color coded the continents, which we will use for the next lessons
4. Relate the continents to their interest, let them see the relevance of this place.

Use something that matters to them, this is how we relate it:

books which we import, slippers that she uses everyday, cheese & crackers for afternoon snack, animals in the jungle, polar bears and penguins which she finds cute,  milk to drink, and a house to go home to, these are the things that make her interested in mapping it out
5. Bible Story
We talked about God's creation and read the bible.

Start reading, go around the world with stories, travel if you can, experience what the world has to show

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