Monday, June 22, 2015

An Applause to Dads!

It's daddy's day. 

We started the morning with a greeting and a hearty breakfast.

The day before, we made our father's day craft and discussed a lesson or two. 

1. Fine motor skills- cutting

2. Math- sizes 
We compared her feet with her little brother's, and also her hand.

3. English
After cutting all the letters we were making the sounds of each letter and rearranging it to make the right word.

4. Science
My daughter was awed learning about light projection and color projection. (we used her blue sunglasses to project blue). 
We learned about shadow and the distance of light from the object affects it's size.

5. Theater

Her dad had a funny mini "show" from the cast of Star Wars.  While watching, my smiling and ecstatic daughter said "Daddy you're the best!"

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