Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tour: Kulinarya Tagala II

From morning activities, it is just walking distance towards our next destination, the Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House

3. A Walk in History

Local conservationists has been fighting to keep the Art Deco gate.

the wife, Gala-Rodriguez' Ancestral Home,
designed by Architect Juan Nakpil furniture commissioned by Don Gonzalo Puyat

cameras, radio and a lot more from the 40's to 60's

secret passageway

4. Pit Stop for  Pasalubong
We can never resist to bring home food for family and friends.

Uraro, Broas, and the famous Yema Cake, yum!

4. Lunching on a Quezon Cuisine
 Graceland Estates & Country Club, Memphis Garden  Cafe 


The best one of all is the Sinigang (photo courtesy of Inquirer, we devoured on it as soon as we had it leaving nothing to take picture of!)

a specialty, sinigang sa buko

5. Art 
You enter and hear a local song being played accompanied by the sound of these chimes.

beautiful and locally made chimes

The artist Ugu Bigyan at work

Butterfly Chimes

perfectly done pots, later deformed and shaped by the artist's hand, making it unique and simply remarkable

6. Dessert 
Ugu Bigyan's Restaurant,  Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines

Halu-halo in a goblet,
a great way to cool off the afternoon

6. Tagay (shot) ritual

Our tour guide and  tanggera (host for the lambanog shot)
of the day , Ms Tina Decal caps the day

The shot ritual, all having our round to accept or to decline

All in a day. I hope you'll take the tour and experience it.
I didn't write about the whole story of Quezon, it is up to you to find out.

Tour: Kulinarya Tagala

We're ready to snap our cameras , listen to history and eat good food!
We hopefully could bring the kids in a few years.

1. How we got there
The long ride didn't seem long at all, we were riding in the most fashionable and comfortable way.

Coffee and good service
2. Breakfast  at Patis Tito Cafe
Our First stop at Patis Tesoro's Cafe, San Pablo Laguna

 The smell of lemongrass greets us

Breakfast is served, loved the dilis

a meal uniquely their own

Food demo
Organic salad, freshly picked ingredients
Calamansi, patis (fish sauce) cheese and dressing

Sweet Endings
Banana turon and Chocolata-e
Souvenir shop

Wood, Ceramics, and Fabric

3. A Walk in History - Rodriguez House

Ms Tina Decal tells history as she knows it

Playing dress up

This food tour continues on the next blog! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book: 10 Little Rubber Ducks

1. Reading & Listening:
Special picks, and here is one of them:
We didn't know this is inspired from a true story!

2. Math: Counting

Coloring the duckies, counting and stickies too

3. Geography & Math:
Cardinal numbers and direction-
1st-4th North South West East
5th-8th Left, Right, Up, Down

drawings by yours truly colors by little I

4. Experiencing it:
Sun rises in the East
Sun sets down at West

west bound- view of our famous sunset at Manila Bay

Everyday is a different sunset, I invite you to appreciate it again and again!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Outside my Window

1. Book: Rain Song
A lot of Vocabulary building such as 
Galoshes:  boots
Slicker: a long loose raincoat

Book from Kindermusik
2. Movement
Romping, stomping, kicking

3. Science
Weather: Wet and Dry for Philippines


fun in the 'snow'

Drip drip drop!

Weather update

4. Activity: My Snow globe

Instead of corn syrup, baby oil works better.

A family effort for making a Wolverine snow globe!
Thanks to her aku (uncle) for the toy!

5. Weather Sounds
Thunder , Rain, Sunny - rhymes and music all around.

Whatever weather you are in, better get geared up and have some fun!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Parenting Conference on Homeschooling

Homeschooling- Learning at home. May it be a toddler, a preschooler or any age, we absorb information easily when we are having fun.

There are several factors to consider in choosing where to enroll. You may check out TMA's homeschooling conference " Set Them Up for Success"

More about it:

TMA Homeschool, in coordination with Manila Workshops and TheLearning Basket is proud to present its Parents Conference for 2015, entitled Set Them Up For Success. It will be held at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center from 8AM for registration (program starts at 9:00) to 5:00PM.

This event, entitled “Set Them Up for Success”, is set to enlighten and inspire you  to raise your children to become happy, responsible, productive  adults and leaders “wherever they are planted”.  will consist of keynote topics like “Set Them Up for Success” and “Catching your Child’s God-given Bents for Success”. Keynote speakers are Edric Mendoza and Jayson Lo. 

Mr. Mendoza is a homeschooling father of five, the president of the Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands and lead anchor of ANC’s On the Money. Mr. Jayson Lo is a known inspirational speaker in the country and is the author of Younique:Understanding Others by Understanding You, a book about how personality styles help identify one's strengths and weaknesses.

Aside from keynote talks, the conference will also feature workshops on character education, multi-level homeschooling, homeschooling through high school, adjusting teaching strategies for effecting learning, and celebrating dads who homeschool. Participants may also opt to attend a Q&A forum where TMA Homeschool will answer questions about homeschooling in the Philippines. Speakers for these sessions are seasoned homeschoolers Donna Simpao, Millona Barraca, Bles de Guzman, Joy Mendoza, and Dennis Sy. Participants may choose one track for each talk happening simultaneously. Expect a day filled with doses of homeschool inspiration and information about parenting and homeschooling.

Free seat for one lucky winner:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Valentine's Month Activity

We can't get enough of the love bug, we were doing a month long heart activities.

1. Book: The Swan Lake
We picked a love story for February.

2. Read along Book: 
  Valentine Bears , V Book (you may click last year's activity)

3. Vocabulary: bouquet

flower candies for Valentine's
4. Pretend Play: Curlers into a bouquet

daughter bunched this and gave me a bouquet of flowers
5. Music & Ballet: 

We watched online selected ballet performances of the Swan Lake. 

Listened to The Swan Lake by Maestro Classics
      We only made an introduction to this, further lesson and activities can be done with their free curriculum.

Hope you had a sweet hearts month!