Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tour: Kulinarya Tagala II

From morning activities, it is just walking distance towards our next destination, the Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House

3. A Walk in History

Local conservationists has been fighting to keep the Art Deco gate.

the wife, Gala-Rodriguez' Ancestral Home,
designed by Architect Juan Nakpil furniture commissioned by Don Gonzalo Puyat

cameras, radio and a lot more from the 40's to 60's

secret passageway

4. Pit Stop for  Pasalubong
We can never resist to bring home food for family and friends.

Uraro, Broas, and the famous Yema Cake, yum!

4. Lunching on a Quezon Cuisine
 Graceland Estates & Country Club, Memphis Garden  Cafe 


The best one of all is the Sinigang (photo courtesy of Inquirer, we devoured on it as soon as we had it leaving nothing to take picture of!)

a specialty, sinigang sa buko

5. Art 
You enter and hear a local song being played accompanied by the sound of these chimes.

beautiful and locally made chimes

The artist Ugu Bigyan at work

Butterfly Chimes

perfectly done pots, later deformed and shaped by the artist's hand, making it unique and simply remarkable

6. Dessert 
Ugu Bigyan's Restaurant,  Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines

Halu-halo in a goblet,
a great way to cool off the afternoon

6. Tagay (shot) ritual

Our tour guide and  tanggera (host for the lambanog shot)
of the day , Ms Tina Decal caps the day

The shot ritual, all having our round to accept or to decline

All in a day. I hope you'll take the tour and experience it.
I didn't write about the whole story of Quezon, it is up to you to find out.

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