Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tour: Kulinarya Tagala

We're ready to snap our cameras , listen to history and eat good food!
We hopefully could bring the kids in a few years.

1. How we got there
The long ride didn't seem long at all, we were riding in the most fashionable and comfortable way.

Coffee and good service
2. Breakfast  at Patis Tito Cafe
Our First stop at Patis Tesoro's Cafe, San Pablo Laguna

 The smell of lemongrass greets us

Breakfast is served, loved the dilis

a meal uniquely their own

Food demo
Organic salad, freshly picked ingredients
Calamansi, patis (fish sauce) cheese and dressing

Sweet Endings
Banana turon and Chocolata-e
Souvenir shop

Wood, Ceramics, and Fabric

3. A Walk in History - Rodriguez House

Ms Tina Decal tells history as she knows it

Playing dress up

This food tour continues on the next blog! :)

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