Monday, September 22, 2014

Book: Sandosenang Sapatos (A Dozen Pair of Shoes)


This book has won the 2001 1st prize Palanca winner, it was made into a musical too.
It is about family's love to their handicapped daughter. It has a strong emotional story especially towards the end.


Sharing to sibling

Saying that she would be happy to share what she has to her little brother

Discuss about teasing , how to properly handle it and not to insult anybody.


Types of Footwear - Daughter's

Slippers, Running, Formal, Sandals

Types of Footwear -  Mom's

Casual, Rubber Shoes, Safety Shoes, High Heels

Materials used

Pointing out different texture and type of materials

Accessories & Texture

Small details as discussed in the book

4. GAMES mentioned in the book

For older kids, you may discuss and try these games.

Popular games before everything became digital




We discussed about pregnancy, which is timely since I an pregnant.

For older kids, discuss what German Measles (Rubella) is, it's effect on pregnant mothers.

A rubella infection can cause miscarriage, preterm birth, or stillbirth, as well as a variety of birth defects, risks are highest during the early stages of a baby's development, most commonly deafness, eye defects, heart malformations, and neurologic problems.


Learn parts of your feet and activities you can do with your feet.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What to look for at the 35th Manila International Bookfair

Bookfairs make me smile no, Books make me smile period.

Tickets you can get free from participating companites,
if you don't have one, entrance is only Php 20

Our main reason to be at the book fair is to get the complete series of Jepoy Dyip!

Happy little kid goes around and  plays with the characters of Jepoy Dyip

Diorama comes with the book

Local books are mostly 30% off, imported books at 20% off. These booths snatched a bunch of my time.

1. Precious Pages / Lampara Books

Jomike Tejido's Jepoy Dyip  official book launch this Saturday, Sept 20

2. Tahanan Books

Interesting illustrations of our classic stories, big books also available

3. Adarna House

Award winning local books teach valuable lessons, most are bi-lingual English & Tagalog

Nothing beats a book in your hand!

Prepared to forever be in love

Amidst the jumping and walking she stopped at this artwork and said it
matches her ticket. It amazes me how kids are more observant than adults!

5. OMF Lit

Most authors are there on the weekend to sign your books.
Signing here is one of our favorites, Robert Magnuson

It might  be worth dropping by and get something read and fill your idle time.

Manila International Bookfair runs Sept 17-21, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homeschooling might not be for you but Learning at Home is for Everyone!

I have seen and met passionate parents in teaching their child. Sadly,  I have seen a lot of parents who neglect their child because of the mistaken notion that it's the school's responsibility to teach.

Most might not be cut out to be a 'homeschooling' mom, but this I am certain, learning starts at home and all of us can be a great teacher!

Let's start with this:

1. Talk and Listen to your child.
Don't baby talk, expand your vocabulary, speak and explain, don't underestimate their capacity to learn and understand.
Listen to your child's interests and explore it. Build up an idea for them to expand their interests. 
photo from listentalkdraw

2. Read and experience the Story
Each book becomes memorable and special if you do something that is in relation to it.

Daughter and I reading Nursery Rhymes from her dad's childhood library

3. Be a good example.
Children mimic us, our words and actions they see, even when you think they are not attentive. 
Father daughter playing imaginary juggle juggle, guess who mimics who?!

Go beyond and be a Home schooler! I attended a homeschooling conference last week, with this I learned a tad more about it.

Lecture, Prizes and Shopping on the treasure trove of Educational Materials

1. Be Organized and manage your time
Make a plan and a goal to follow.

Schedule whether manual, digital, whatever works for you

2. Assign a budget to spend for a homeschooling curriculum and materials to support it.
Booth hopping, shopping and inquiring me, photo from Blue Cross

Government requires a provider for kindergarten, so you still need to enroll.

We don't have enough libraries in the Philippines, there is a need to buy books, though now it is more accessible to buy second hand books at a reasonable cost.

photo from my client's place

Materials and activities (out of town trips, music, sports, art)

curriculum we use now which i find fun and non-formal

Home schooled kids play during the Conference

3. Willingness to learn yourself
You need to know what you are teaching!

life is continued learning

4. Patience and a Passionate heart.
Not all days are sunny, prepare your mind and attitude on the unexpected.

photo from i.stock

Monday, September 1, 2014

Time for Lunch! and The Gingerbread Boy

Let's take a look at last month's class theme...

1. Book - The Gingerbread Boy
A classic story about  independence, exploring, potential danger and going back safely at home.

most favorite activity - cutting
this little Gingerbread Boy ran throughout the house alright 

Observe, count and develop writing skills

2. Pretend Play and Practical Life Skills
Pretending is an essential component of healthy social-emotional development.
Play with your child - pretend to prepare, slice and cook.

Learning what is in the kitchen and trying to pour without spill. 

Remember! Kitchen pretend is not limited to girls, grown-up chefs are mostly male!

3. Nursery Rhymes
Easiest way to remember rhymes is through music, here are some go-along rhymes :
    Peas porridge Hot
    I'm a Little Teapot
    Polly out the Kettle On

so happy with her apron and Teatime!

Note! Try to memorize one every day, it sharpens our memory skills.

4. Trip to the Grocery

 Make every trip a learning activity, identify fruits and vegetables

count, color and connect, all 1st time for her

5.  Play!

Try making a giant Vegetable Soup, crawl to the kitchen, and drum your hearts out!

Happy eating everyone!