Thursday, September 18, 2014

What to look for at the 35th Manila International Bookfair

Bookfairs make me smile no, Books make me smile period.

Tickets you can get free from participating companites,
if you don't have one, entrance is only Php 20

Our main reason to be at the book fair is to get the complete series of Jepoy Dyip!

Happy little kid goes around and  plays with the characters of Jepoy Dyip

Diorama comes with the book

Local books are mostly 30% off, imported books at 20% off. These booths snatched a bunch of my time.

1. Precious Pages / Lampara Books

Jomike Tejido's Jepoy Dyip  official book launch this Saturday, Sept 20

2. Tahanan Books

Interesting illustrations of our classic stories, big books also available

3. Adarna House

Award winning local books teach valuable lessons, most are bi-lingual English & Tagalog

Nothing beats a book in your hand!

Prepared to forever be in love

Amidst the jumping and walking she stopped at this artwork and said it
matches her ticket. It amazes me how kids are more observant than adults!

5. OMF Lit

Most authors are there on the weekend to sign your books.
Signing here is one of our favorites, Robert Magnuson

It might  be worth dropping by and get something read and fill your idle time.

Manila International Bookfair runs Sept 17-21, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

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