Monday, September 1, 2014

Time for Lunch! and The Gingerbread Boy

Let's take a look at last month's class theme...

1. Book - The Gingerbread Boy
A classic story about  independence, exploring, potential danger and going back safely at home.

most favorite activity - cutting
this little Gingerbread Boy ran throughout the house alright 

Observe, count and develop writing skills

2. Pretend Play and Practical Life Skills
Pretending is an essential component of healthy social-emotional development.
Play with your child - pretend to prepare, slice and cook.

Learning what is in the kitchen and trying to pour without spill. 

Remember! Kitchen pretend is not limited to girls, grown-up chefs are mostly male!

3. Nursery Rhymes
Easiest way to remember rhymes is through music, here are some go-along rhymes :
    Peas porridge Hot
    I'm a Little Teapot
    Polly out the Kettle On

so happy with her apron and Teatime!

Note! Try to memorize one every day, it sharpens our memory skills.

4. Trip to the Grocery

 Make every trip a learning activity, identify fruits and vegetables

count, color and connect, all 1st time for her

5.  Play!

Try making a giant Vegetable Soup, crawl to the kitchen, and drum your hearts out!

Happy eating everyone! 

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