Friday, March 18, 2016

Leprechauns with a Pot 'o Gold

St Patrick's Day is not a big thing here in the Philippines, but since there was a unit about it and we already have the materials for it then we went for it.

1. Books: Under the Rainbow, St Patrick

2. Geography and Reading Preparation
Locate Ireland in the Map.
Make a game identifying all words that starts with sh

3. Botany & Bible: 
Talk about shamrock and its meaning.

2. Art: Color Sequence of a Rainbow
The Song Colors of the Rainbow as sung at Kindermusik class helped a lot in remembering the sequence.
We coupled it with activities and painting.

3. Language: Rainbows around the World:
Colors in English,Tagalog and how often Spanish words are used in the Philippines (a short introduction to Spanish influence to the Philippines) and Chinese

Red - Pula红色
Green -Luntian (berde) - Spanish Verde 綠色

and so on

4. Music: Classifying High and Low

- Visual thru pictures (pointing and looking for objects), High and Low
- Kinesthetic thru movement and dance
-  Auditory thru singing the high note and low note, play the high low note in the piano

5. Musical Term: Glissando
-Visual thru the logo

-Kinesthetic thru waving the scarves in an arclike movement

-Auditory thru playing the slide whistle

6. Dress Up

7. Do an Irish Jig
Put a clacker (bottle cap/coin) at the bottom of our shoes and followed the dance step.

In the end we found the pot of gold, and ate them all up!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Survive Quicksand

It is summer, time to play with sand!

1. Book: The Quicksand Book
We love Tomie dePaola books, here is one informative and amusing book, coupled with a science experiment.

2. Video: We watched a video from Discovery Channel on quicksand

photo credit to Discovery Channel video

3. The Experiment

-Dry Sand

-Attach the hose at the bottom, a pail is better,seal the connection

-add with a little water

-add lots of water

-test how hard it is to pull Bert out

-wait and the water goes up and sand is again stable

4. Survive in a real Quicksand

photo credit to Wikipedia
-use stick to check where you are going
-in case you already fell lie back to float and slowly roll over to dry land
-don't panic and do slow movement of pulling your legs out
(read the book for complete details)
Be careful and have a great summer everyone.