Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Survive Quicksand

It is summer, time to play with sand!

1. Book: The Quicksand Book
We love Tomie dePaola books, here is one informative and amusing book, coupled with a science experiment.

2. Video: We watched a video from Discovery Channel on quicksand

photo credit to Discovery Channel video

3. The Experiment

-Dry Sand

-Attach the hose at the bottom, a pail is better,seal the connection

-add with a little water

-add lots of water

-test how hard it is to pull Bert out

-wait and the water goes up and sand is again stable

4. Survive in a real Quicksand

photo credit to Wikipedia
-use stick to check where you are going
-in case you already fell lie back to float and slowly roll over to dry land
-don't panic and do slow movement of pulling your legs out
(read the book for complete details)
Be careful and have a great summer everyone.

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