Monday, February 29, 2016

Finding North

Geography basics is one of the topics in the book we are rowing (Five in a Row curriculum)

1.Two Main types of Compass

Magnetic & Gyro

2. Reading a Compass
Read the compass and use the sun as your reference to check your reading.
(sunrise and sunset)

a gift to my husband few years back,
now we are using it for our activities
3. Making a Compass
We used Usborne's 100 Science Experiments.

-With a Needle

and Magic School Bus' Weather Lab

-With a Magnet

4. Mapping Out
-Make a relationship between North in the compass and map's North

5. Application
-Treasure hunting with directions

6. Book Reading
Stories to relate:

-Katy and the Big Snow
One of the topics discussed is reading a compass, you can make a sub-topic or activity about it just like this.

-Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks

Happy hunting!

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