Sunday, January 31, 2016

Noodles from Scratch

This month's theme is Jazz Kitchen, singing, dancing to Jazz music and of course activities to make it memorable

1. Book:

2. Practical Life & Math

Grocery list, ingredients listing , money counting, and measuring are among the things you can learn in this simple task
Count, pay and go

3. Project Noodles from Scratch

Learn cooking terms by doing and seeing it
insisted on making noodles just like the animals in the book

mixing and measuring

kneading the dough

cutting by an adult (start with banana slicing for your child)
the one we did is still too thick

twirling some noodles for drying, we tried different shapes
4. Cooking: 

tomatoes, cheese & mushroom

Viola, finished product

5. Music : Singing and Drums
- Note reading: quarter note and eighth note, getting a beat
pum pa dum dum

Happy Eating, Reading and Singing everyone!

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