Monday, December 14, 2015

Book: The Red Carpet

1. Book: The Red Carpet
This book has been out of print, we had to search the last few copies left for sale.
This is  a fun book, so we re-enacted the scene with whatever we have at home.

2. The Story
Add words to your child's vocabulary, and know about means of communication before telephone or cellphone was invented.

As they roll the red carpet, it rolled out of the hotel

..and continued to roll
Chaos at the street

        Street peddler selling pretzel got out of sorts

Pets chasing after the red carpet
Road block did not stop the carpet from rolling
Police are on the chase.
Chaos as the red carpet rolled around town, police trying to put it on a halt

Carpet reached the ferry and the Duke arrived

Police escort to town hotel
3. Further discussion
-Know about jobs in the hospitality industry.
-Talk about people in authority and how they uphold the law.

-Know more about street food and the origin of pretzel.
Enjoy a pretzel with your child.
-Talk about pets having their walk, how do they behave in unusual environment.

-Discuss means of travel, one is thru a ferry.

-Discuss special events and what a red carpet treatment means.

3. Field Trip
Go to a Hotel or places where red carpet is laid.

Bundle your books with activities and they'll always keep the story in their hearts.

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