Friday, November 27, 2015

Book: Cranberry Thanksgiving

1. Book: Cranberry Thanksgiving
We have now moved up to a new curriculum, Five in a Row, age brackets 4-8. 

First to row, (to read five days in a row) is this book, since Thanksgiving is this week.

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here but we are grateful for many things, and because of that we give thanks.

2. Bible & Virtues
We match the book with readings about giving thanks and forgiveness.

3. Geography, Vocabulary, Art
We locate the setting on the map with disks (which we drew and colored )and made a lap folder to view our activities easily.

4. Science
We made and compared starched laundry.

5. Sensory, Color, Science 
Before we started our story, we lighted lavender scents, looked at the flowers, gathered colors of lavender, and talked about where it is mixedsuch as soap and oil.

6.  Experience
Though we were not able to make homemade turkey or bread, but having them to eat has been a memorable experience.

Before the day ends, do an act of kindness, and say a word of praise and a loadful of thanks to God!

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