Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book: The Big Green Pocketbook

We are almost done in our Before Five in a Row Curriculum (a Literature based home school guide).

We are about to start Five in a Row (this is the continuation wherein age group is 4 years old up). We intend to continue doing this even combined with formal schooling. Why? Because it is so much fun and we learn a lot.

1. Book: Big Green Pocketbook
A mother and daughter day out.

2. Field Trip: Go to the Actual Places
We rode a Jeepney.
art by Robert Alejandro

We went to a Bank, Laundry and a Bookstore.

3. Arts 
Drawing, cutting, pasting, we are making the stores they visited.
Doing the Bookstore

4. Typing and Writing her name
Same with the story, since we do not have a typewriter, we are improvising with a tablet.

Cutting, Punching and Lacing activity, Make your own green pocketbook

6. Make Believe
Bus riding , to shop visits and souvenirs, we were the characters in the book

7. Memory Game
Arrange in sequence the places they went in the story

8. Materials and Texture
Being an architect, we always discuss different building materials and finishes, now it's a great opportunity to discuss with my daughter.

 Marble top, Wood Floor, Leather seats, Furniture

We ended the week with an ice cream! :)
Go out and have fun. 

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