Sunday, November 1, 2015

Night Creatures: Bats

Bats are always associated with Vampires, it's time to get to know them a little more.
1. Book: Stella Luna
This book has been overlooked in bookstores, but this is one of our favorite books, a story about a fruit bat, a mother's love and friendship with other animals, birds in particular.

2. Field Trip: A Visit to the Zoo
Shown below are fruit bats, mango is among the menu.

3. Video & Book: Magic School. Bus, Going Batty
Our favorite book and tv series.

4. Science & Vocabulary
Research on Fruit Bats and Vampire Bats:
-They hang upside down.
-Some bats can see clearly at night, some use echolocation.
-They are nocturnal. Darkness protects them from predators like owls.
-They are mammals.
-Vampire bats don't kill for blood, they drink a few from cattle and livestock, usually.
-The risk for humans from a bat's bite is rabies.
-We have to protect them, natural habitats such as caves are being exploited by humans.

Words to encounter: Echolocation, Nocturnal

5. Geography
Locate  Transylvania, Romania in your map
Point out where Fruit bats can be found, one of them is here in the Philippines

6. Toys for easy recall of the discussion

Hope you get to see bats in new light.

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