Saturday, April 4, 2015

Home Cooking #1 Stuffed Tomatoes & Seafood Thermidor

Moms with two kids and without help means a challenge to fit all the time to do things.
Complicated recipes are not an option for me, but I need to include healthy cooking in our diet.

Local recipe book is the best way to start since all the ingredients are readily available. 

Book: The Sexy Chef Cookbook

It is Holy Week. Fasting or abstaining from meat is a common practice for Catholics. 
Here are our choice for the seafood recipe.

Appetizer: Stuffed Tomatoes

Smoked Fish or Tinapa mixed with cream sauce
loved the taste of tinapa on tomatoes

Main Dish: Seafood Thermidor

Shrimp, Cream Dory, Squid and Carrots
need to add mushroom green peas and corn,
most market are closed so we have to make do with what's available

I am trying out new recipes to explore my daughter's palate and to improve her eating preferences.
Wish me luck and Bon Appetit!

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