Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Wash Day

Turning chores into fun learning day.
One thing I love about toddlers and preschoolers is that they love to help.

1. Color Sorting
Whites, reds, black

2. Develop Patience
Don't let your child play with the knobs, designate a task for them. Teach them the order of things.
Make a photo chart for younger kids.

3. Follow instructions
We follow a step by step procedure, use the same routine when washing.
I plug the water and power supply, put soap.
Little daughter puts in the clothes, wait and watch while I set it up.
She presses play and brings out laundry.
Excited to press the button
4. Clean up
Make it a habit to clean up after.
Volunteer cleaner, meticulously wiping it dry
5. Balance 
 Hook and hang on the clothesline

6.  Word of the day- Steam
Time to iron. My daughter helped refill the water and watched from a distance.

Set limits. Instead of telling them don't, teach them how to and let them learn the practical life.

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