Saturday, August 8, 2015

Children are Fascinating Authors

Children are witty, funny and thinks with no bounds. They have creative stories that we could record and recall later on.

Most of the days, my daughter and I pretend to be animals, like a kangaroo and a joey, which was inspired from last week's book Katy no-Pocket, but today is different. My daughter said she is an author with a pseudonym named Margaret Wise Brown.

In case you are wondering, George is a monkey,
 he is at the center, being held by two firefighters

I intended to write all her ideas and make some illustrations, but she took the initiative and drew, while referring to the cover of Curious George.

I was her secretary, she was telling her ideas, I write it down. I made some sketches in a separate paper as she renders her own version of it in her 'book'.

The monkey George is sitting in a vine up the tree

Well, the book launch was a success because my daughter assigned me as the 'buyer' of her book. She'll be making more she said --for daddy next time.

Read to your child, it inspires them in many ways. :)

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