Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Faith the Pope Brings

There has been several writings, talk and reaction on how our country behaved at the arrival of the Pope.

Let's focus on the message he brings and learn:

1. Getting to know Pope Francis
    -download the pdf mini book from The Learning Basket
    -or get information from Wikipedia
getting to see the Pope's photo, cover of the Bible Diary and on TV

2. Strengthening our faith by reading Bible. 
St Mary's Press is the most interesting and complete Catholic bible for children I have seen so far.

complete Bible with selected highlight stories with activities

3. Praying
Teaching the habit of talking to God before we sleep.
Thanking for our meals.

a guilty smile when we forget to pray and start praying after a few bites

4. Values
Let us reflect on the Pope's messages. (for those who missed it, here is the link via Rappler)

My mom at UST with screenshots of the Pope
 and getting hold of a photo with the crowd

It doesn't have to take the Pope to be a clean organized city, we can do it for ourselves. Maybe the Pope's visit is a boost for us to keep trying and be the change our nation needs.

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