Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Communicating with your Child

Anger when not addressed properly will create havoc in everyone's home
I have attended a workshop that has given valuable information to effectively listen, understand and impart our message effectively.

These are elaborately discussed but here are the key points:
  • Start with calmness & intention- be thankful, pray for patience & polish self-confidence
  • When patience runs low : Pause,  straighten your body & breathe, speak softly & sweetly, try to find your quiet place and meditate
  • Personality Profile, identify oneself and children, and you will understand one's behavior.  (In the workshop, we were grouped and had questionnaires to assess ourselves and our kids)
    • Task Oriented, Leaders-  agree & explain how to get the task done
    • Organized, Logical Thinking- discuss the  process of things
    • Playful & Social Leaders - approach in a playful manner
    • Kind presence , a mediator - a sweet & gentle approach
  • Understand  yourself and the Child's Modality, approach with words and actions 
    • Visual - 'As you can see', 'Please look'
    • Auditory - 'As you can hear', 'Please listen'
    • Kinesthetic - sensitive with feelings, ' Can you feel;' or relate with emotion 
  • Elements in Communication : Clear + Congruent + Pro-Active
    • state your purpose, say what you want your child to do , not what NOT to do, don't say DON'T
  • Words to Remember
    • Yes + And + Because

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