Friday, February 7, 2014

We're Going on A Bear Hunt!

This book has been one of my daughter's favorite even before being part of the Before Five in a Row  (a homeschooling guide) series.

Make Believe
We made our own  hunting right behind our yard. We acted the expressions together being excited, happy and scared.

We played.
Splashed water around with shoes held on her hand,
pretending to cross a river

Made mud by mixing soil and water
She didn't like to step on it barefoot, instead she wanted to sweep it clean :)

Pretend forest with our potted plants put together
walking through the forest
she decided to water the plants instead

At the end of every reading we run to the bed with little teddy hiding in a cave-like blanket.

Family & Foreign Language

We identified family members, though she probably didn't grasp the concept of siblings because she didn't have one. Instead of just brothers and sisters, we used characters in chinese, which has a more specific names for each member of the family.

Enjoyed reading such simple words, which she now fills in the words when we are reading. 

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