Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo Me!

Our memories fade through time, we take photographs immortalize milestones. How do we take photos ?

Here are some tips on how to manage your photos:

1. Think before you shoot.
We take for granted digital photography, we end up having hundreds of photos and have only one worthy of printing. We end up eating up gigabytes of our hard drive.

2. Organize your files
It's so frustrating to search for photos, you know it's there but can't seem to figure out where. Depending on your preference , if the camera model comes first then organize by date, or by date then sort by equipment used, or just sort by date. Put year first , month, date and description of folder. (example 2014 03 24_Blog Photos) Make a weekly or bi-monthly schedule.

3. Select what you  upload
Social medias make it easy to share your photos, but be respectful of the privacy of others, especially of your child. Share only with family or friends, not too much that the child will be embarrassed when he or she grows up.Not to a point that all people seem to know much about you and your weekly activities and whereabouts.

4. Print your photos
A  photo when printed is more appreciated than seen on screen. You can make a book out of it. Your little one will be happy to see and help her remember details when she was too little to recall.
got these freebies from Photobook, spent sleepless nights finishing these

5. Always take photos with passion
Best photos are taken with strong emotions, either of the photographer or of the subject.

Happy snapping everyone!

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