Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Book: If Jesus Came to My House

1. Reading

A part of Before Five in a Row Book, Jesus may come in many forms, as this child wishes the He visits him like a child, discussing fun, hospitality and his fear as he holds on to Him for strength. 

a great way for a child to see Jesus

2. Science & Art

- Shadow Play

Use interesting shapes, materials or hand puppets in the wall

- Shadow Colors 
Use colored cellophane

- Shadow Art
Project a light & create shadow, trace your
partner's silhouette cut and make paper art

- Silhouette
with Play of light and we have a Silhouette

3. Literature: Poetry 

My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

That Shadow My Likeness by Walt Whitman
4. Word Activities

- First Letter Identification
Daughter identifies the first letter as i exaggerate picture reading 

- Story Making, Counting apples and Path tracing
As my daughter puts the sticker, she made her own version of the story which she adapted from the book

5. Religion & Fear

"Doing it to the least of these" , show kindness to everyone, for Jesus might be represented in the most unexpected ways

Perspective and rendering taken from our design files
Visiting a church and talking to God for fear never escapes us, it is how we face it and conquer it.

6. Go along book

Nicely answered verses to a curious child's queries

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