Thursday, October 2, 2014

Preparing for the Baby

Anticipation for a baby to come is so exciting for every parent.

Preparing for his or her things make it even more fun!

Let me make a list of what I believe is essential to prepare:

1. Bathing

  • Tub, tub support & towel

2. Toiletries

  • Lotion, Sunblock and Baby Wash (paraben free)
  • Barrier cream (for diaper changes), chest rub (camphor free), 
  • Baby oil (natural coconut oil)
  • Cotton, buds, Wipes (alcohol and fragrance free), 
  • Mosquito lotion, (deet free), 
  • Baby powder (talc free, like Tiny Buds), talc is dangerous when inhaled

3. Clothing and Diaper

  • Best if Organic clothing, otherwise plain white will do (socks, hat, button type shirt pajamas)
  • Minimize eco waste and use Washable Cloth Diaper (lampin, or the one with lining like Charlie Banana)
  • Diaper
  • Blanket or swaddle

Helping me sort things out

4. Pump and Bottles

  • Dual electric pump, no formulas please
  • Bottles (BPA Free)
  • Nursing Cover (Shawl)

I promote 100% breastfeeding

5. Laundry, Wash, Sheets

  • Laundry soap for babies (phosphate free like Cycles)
  • Hanger and cabinet
  • Waterproof lining for bed (Mothercare has the biggest one I've seen), else your bed will smell like pee
  • Rubber mat
  • Bottle wash (organic and bfad approved) in case there is soap residue
  • Sterilizer with dryer, convenient, no more wiping

6. Furniture and Travel Essentials

  • Crib (co-sleeper), for easy breastfeeding
  • Stroller (lightweight)
  • Diaper Bag (backpack), easy to use
  • Car Seat (newborn to 3yrs old), can't drive on my own without it

7. Accessories

  • Nose Suction (with hose, Pigeon) better control
  • Hair brush & comb set
  • Nail cutter, Toothbrush, Toothpase(for 0-2 yrs old)

checking of all is complete

8. Books, Music & Camera

read as early as now

To all expectant moms, happy coming of your baby ! :)

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