Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saints, Souls, Costumes and Movie Themes

1. All Saints Day
As a catholic country, saints are given importance and some celebrate it by having costumes and reading about their life's work.  

An introduction, we discussed about What are Saints?
Also, we have read about Don Bosco.
2. All Souls Day
Years ago people are preparing to visit memorial parks, praying for the dead, it is a culture  I've seen diminishing. 

Praying for our loved ones
3. Halloween
Among the three celebrations, Halloween is becoming the top celebrated event in the Philippines. It is a product of marketing strategy of malls, but who could resist whether it is a cute costume or a scary one, it is still fun. It is an opportunity to express creativity, best costumes are done not bought.

Animal themed costumes

4. Movie Theme
Since we are talking about costumes, heroes and all, a visit to one of Yexel's collection inside Manila Ocean Park is what we did.

Who's that little spider crawling in the ceiling?!
More to know about spiders
An angry queen
 Hold on tight

In a galaxy far far away
The infinite illusion made this little girl run around looking at herself!
She wants to be in command!
Mark I to VII

Hope we never forget to honor our saints and to remember the dead midst the fun filled Halloween parties. 

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