Sunday, November 9, 2014

We were Disneyfied!

How was your Halloween? A post trick or treat celebration for my daughter's class  made us quite busy hunting for materials and making the costume that she would enjoy using.

And we came up with Maleficent. Minimal participation on my part-- I did the material shopping :) All effort thanks to her dad who stayed up late nights to cut, shape and paint her headgear, her grandmother to sew the cape and alter the dress.

Tissue rolls, newspaper and spray paint

My Little Maleficent
It's time for class...
It is always a surprise for the theme. We walked in and Anna and Elsa's presence awed the kids. 

Trick or Treat!

Infused with the monthly theme is the Frozen soundtrack which made my daughter squeal with delight.

Elsa meets Maleficent

Each child had a nice costume, everybody enjoyed taking wonderful snapshots of the fun filled day!

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