Friday, February 13, 2015

Making Money & Guama's Birthday

We came to a habit of reading in line with upcoming events or whatever comes up with my daughter's ideas. If it is her idea, her interest is high, and learning is easy.

A grandmother's birthday is coming for Ruby and Max in this book.

Going out to buy, counting and spending with a budget was our main goal. The real shopping, we leave it for later. For now it is a pretend day!

1. Craft: Let's make money.
hope making real  money is easy as this

2. Math: Lets's count money
how much do we need?

3. Celebrations: Birthday and its significance
Gift for Guama (Grandmother)

4. Creativity: Pretend Play

my daughter said 'when my brother grows up, he'll be Max and me Ruby'
(book characters),  as of now, I am the stand in for Max

5. Experiencing it: Celebrating the day

excited for chocolate cake

Happy birthday to my Guama!

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