Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Fiesta!

Fiesta, a festival, a tradition we inheritted from the Spaniards, means food, dance and music and the don't forget the most important reason of its celebration is done in honor of a saint.

St John Bosco's feast day is 31st of January, hence celebrated on the nearest Sunday.

1. Read: Getting to know Don Bosco

Available at Don Bosco Makati Bookstore

2. Listen: Part of the celebration is the band that plays annually.
Several bands played around the Barangay

3. Movement: Learning to march
- daughter and I are marching around the house
left & right, walking in coordination as we practice to march like them

4. Read along book
- We read this before, and seeing the band play the instruments made my daughter smile even more.

The neighborhood enjoyed all the festivities, from the pageants, to bingo bonanza! 

But keep in mind the essence of the fiesta is to let the life of the saints be a reminder of how we can spend our life in the service of others.

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