Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Wedding and a Wedding Anniversary

October so far has the most wedding anniversaries I know of (based on my circle of friends).  This month my daughter is chosen to be one of the flower girls in my nephew’s wedding, as every mother, I am excited!

Weddings in the Philippines are a big event. Guests could range from 200-800, this one is close to 400.
For this joyous event we did several activities to make it more memorable.

1.       Vocabulary: Wedding, Vow, Family , Ceremony, Reception
What happens during the ceremony? To answer that, we watched our wedding video.
(This brought tears on our eyes J)

2.       Movement: Practice Walking
Walking the line is another Montessori inspired activity.
Shown below is the wedding march.

3.      Virtue Development: Patience
Waiting for your turn, falling in line

4.       Book: Planting a Rainbow
We talked about flowers, colors and arrangement.

5.       Culture: Dining, Lauriat, Chinese Traditions

6.       Activity: Care for the Flowers
Spray and watering plants, cleaning up the mess

Celebrating our 6th Anniversary and looking at our children, it has been a busy, crazy, happy, frustrating, fulfilling year for us. I knew two kids will be a handful, yes it is a handful of fun and a pocketful of kisses!

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