Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spooky to Geeky- Mummies, Pyramid, Egypt & Pharaohs

1. Book: I am the Mummy Heb Nefert
We view mummies as what they are, wrapped dead bodies, haunting. The book speaks of the life she once led, how all things pass. I like the way it spoke, it touches the soul. I didn't expect death would be a topic the next day we read it. My daughter was asking how come she speaks when she has passed away?

2. Toys: 
To better get the idea, an actual toy is presented in a humorous way, we couldn't talk too serious about death to a three year old, could we? Hands on play and dancing like an Egyptian.

3. Crafts Ideas:
Mummify this cardboard guy with tissue.

4. Further reading:
We learned about Pyramid's purpose, way of living, how to make a Papyrus (first paper), and a lot about ancient Egypt.

5. Math Shapes: Pyramid
We did 3d drawing, hand drawing, clay making, paper pyramid.

6. Costume Day
Last day of Kindermusik class is Halloween dress-up (Trick or Treat). Reading and learning about Egypt made her appreciate our choice of character, Cleopatra.

Our greatest thanks to my mom who did all the sewing of the whole outfit and prepared the accessories. My participation would only be sourcing the crown.:)
Happy Halloween to all!

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