Friday, February 10, 2017

Love is in the Air

Children are very expressive of their love. They love unconditionally. Oh how I wish everybody loves like them,  trusting, true and overflowing.

Our activities are always coupled with a fine picture book.

1. Book: Cranberry Valentine

We fell in love with Cranberry Thanksgiving, so we continued with the series. After reading, my daughter is inspired to do Valentine cards.

2. Arts and Craft- Valentine Cards
As simple as it sounds, but it develops fine motor skills on cutting, pasting.
Brainstorm ideas and let those creative thoughts coming.
Practice writing, drills might bore a young child, but expressing their thoughts get them writing.

3. Bake
A recipe is provided at the back of the book, or celebrate with a special treat and make the whole activity memorable

4. Quotes and Bible Verses
Make a heart chain filled with verses about love, open one per day and discuss further.

5. Sensory Play: Color Baskets
 Present one color at a time for your toddler, starting with primary colors, in this case it is red.
photo from Counting Coconuts

6. Sensory Play : Find the Heart
Identify the shape, use visual discrimination.
Touch the sides and contour, let him feel and trace the shape.
Games to play, blindfold the child let him find the heart shape thru sense of touch.
Another variety, put several shapes inside a pouch and let him find the shape.
photo from Orange and Coco
May your love overflow unconditionally. 

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