Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Call for Courtesy

We always hear every generation saying 'iba na talaga panahon ngayon' (times have changed). One alarming thing that changed is that the lack of courtesy nowadays.

These are very simple and common but without teaching the child, we are missing a lot.

Let me make a short checklist to remind us all of what has been passed and what we might be missing.

1. Doors and Knocking

   - knock before entering a room
   - to enter and exit doors quietly
   - to open and close cabinets and drawers quietly 

as early as 18 months, children can practice doing this

2.Silence Game

   - practice to be silent , use an hourglass, look at the second hand of a clock
   - listen to the sound around you, listen to each other's heartbeat
   - practice waiting for turn to speak
Using what we have at home, a digital timer would suffice,
this will take a lot of practice and patience

3.Telephone / Cellphone Answering

  -don't forget to say Hello and Goodbye, (I noticed a lot are just hanging up after speaking especially on cellphones)
- when answering, getting someone to the phone, calling someone, remind to get the name, message and saying 'wait for a moment', instead of just passing the phone
- practice how to call , get a calling card handy for the child to have in case of emergencies
I gave her a card with my number for her to practice calling,
 you'll be surprised at how easy they remember

4. Coughing, Sneezing, Blowing the Nose, Burping, Yawning

   Sometimes we find children's blunder cute but it is not a good habit to grow.
 -sneeze on arm not on hands
 - practice covering mouth, washing hands and blowing on tissue
- say excuse me

5. Being Excused
- when leaving a group, table,  practice how to excuse yourself, take turns
- when passing in between people, normally you go around, this is only when there is no other choice
- when interrupting conversations

6. Being on Time, RSVP

I have organized enough parties, activities and seminars to know that this has really, REALLY gone bad.

- I would like to see the term Filipino time be erased in anybody's vocabulary.

- Give the host a time to plan, they are paying for your seat already please at least tell them that you are not coming at least a week before to adjust the food and seats
- Make a routine chart and schedule of how to make your time fit

I am guilty of this. Why? because I consider the time others will arrive,
now we are trapped in a loop where everybody thinks it will start an hour or so later

7. Offering Help

Teach the child to be independent and helpful.
Doing everything for your child spells disaster when they grow up. A doting parent might say "they are so helpless" (They are not really helpless at two years old, you'll be surprised at what they can do just give them a chance to learn)

- make a dialogue on offering help and help them discriminate who are in need of help

7. Gadgets Usage

If possible, no gadgets and tv for children under 2 yrs of age.

- no gadgets on meal time

- no gadgets on movie houses and church
- please stop using the gadgets while talking to someone

Remember, you are setting an example to your children, practice what you teach.

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