Monday, July 7, 2014

Ang Pambihirang Sombrero (The Amazing Hat)

Two Languages
This local book is  bilingual -  English & Tagalog. I have given some friends a copy of this, some of their children has difficulty in English and some in Tagalog, so this would be a great addition to their collection. 

Go on a Field Trip 
Exploring this book, one suggestion is to go around the neighborhood visiting each character. 
We'll put off that for later when my daughter gets a little bigger and then we will revisit the book. 

Memory Exercise
What we did is sequencing of events and identification of items.

Daughter colored the hat plus  pasted each item
on top of the hat. as the book sequence goes.


We made fun shots as the character Mia tried on nine different ways to wear a hat, we did nine different ways to wear nine different hats!

We counted each pose in English and in Mandarin too.

Coloring and Writing Skills

At the end of the book there is a matching of every profession and their tools. We printed a copy as little daughter tries to learn how to match dots.
Daughter did the color selection and obviously the coloring, haha!
Hope you find your pambihirang sombrero and make magic!

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