Thursday, July 17, 2014

Come and see the Clouds!

Yesterday is the first typhoon my daughter remembered. Looking outside the window seeing the strong winds, falling branches, she asked me What's happening, Mommy?

To answer her, we explained what a typhoon is, a simple answer to satisfy a 2 1/2 yr old child.

Power interruption is a minefield of doing productive activities because you have the full attention of your family. We went on to pick-up Eric Carle's Little Cloud.

We made our own art version of Little Cloud, all glittery and bright.

My daughter put the glitters, drew the grass and counted sheep

We walked through the sequence of events.
Drawings by her dad from Little Cloud to Rain Clouds

Then I remembered my husband is fond of taking sunsets and landscape photos.
Focusing on looking and seeing the clouds, we had fun creating Little Cloud's transformations.

A Ship behind a ship, my daughter named it Ship Nessis (she is the only one who knows what it means, ;) ) 

Taken from one of our trips last year, never noticed the Train behind

Doodles we did on a tablet, with my daughter coaching me what colors to use and what it should look like!

A Plane flies thru the Manila Bay

A Giraffe walking thru the deep seas of Bali

This is the smiling Fish as my daughter said

Never seize to imagine. It sparks the magic of every child in you.

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