Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Walk in Yexel's Toy Collection

When my husband said they are doing research on a toy museum, we were excited.

 The owner's love of toys has brought us into his doorstep. So off we go...

Though we couldn't find a book to tie with our trip since we have shied away from Disney books and the likes, but since we are a fan of movie themes, I know my daughter will be having fun.

The Simpson's couch welcomes us in

My daughter's  favorite animated film - Toy Story

Daughter swooped past all the display as
she saw a glimpse of Mickey Mouse in the next room

She didn't watch Sponge Bob,
 but a plush toy once accompanied her in
E.R. & she never forgot him since.

Walking past these, toddlers don't take much interest here

Life size Lightning McQueen

Several Comic Heroes

DC & Marvel Heroes
Are you saying something Spiderman?

Life Size Star Wars Characters

Now how big is BIG?

Up we go the ladder to ger a better look at Prime

My daughter hugged all non-villain character in Mario Land!

A photo with the collector

It has been a superb day, always have fun and bring out the child in you!

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