Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Learning ABC

Anywhere you are , make it a learning experience. As we are walking along, my daughter shouted in glee as she saw the giant abc's! Pointing at each one, she was identifying them and wanted to have a pose for each letter.

Taken behind Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines

To go along, there are hundreds of ABC books, here are some of our picks. 

1. ABC Bunny, a Before Five in Row Book, a curriculum we are using now.Also a Song from the author comes with it.

Activity to match the book Is an online resource printed for vocabulary enrichment and matching game

Print, Cut, Match and Paste!

2. Alphabatics, my daughter loves this maybe that's why she quickly learned the letter sounds and words in this book.

Left, cover; right, a sample page where we read the letter then the sound as we progress to the word itself

Learning is never a task if you are having fun.

Matching the word, emphasizing the sound to its corresponding letter.

3. Other books to supplement learning ABCs:

Enjoy your first steps to reading with your child!

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