Monday, January 27, 2014

Chines New Year Activities

What to do for the upcoming Chinese New Year? Here are some ideas that we did last year and some we are doing this week:

1. Do a Binondo Walking Tour

Walk the streets and Visit the Binondo Church
Ride a Bike or take snapshots

Go Tiangge Shopping

2. Eat at an authentic Chinese Restaurant, street food, chinese lumpia or  maybe a dumpling house will do!

Dumpling House at Nueva St, Binondo, Manila

My favorite Chinese Lumpia House

Street Food

Cafe Mezzanine, Fireman Volunteer Coffee Shop

3. Dress up your little one with Cheong Sam
My daughter, photo taken last year

4. Read a Chinese story book. If you are not Chinese, then read a Chinese story.
I made a simple version for toddler of this book

 5.Listen to Chinese Songs
Three of my childhood favorite songs are here,
my daughter and I listen and sing some songs

6. Make or view Chinese Lanterns

taken at Lucky Chinatown, 2013

7. Give, Eat and Cook Tikoy
photo taken from google images

8. Watch a Dragon Dance

9. Do traditions like giving away Angpao (red envelope), put kiatkiat at your door

10. Welcome the year by learning about this year's animal sign - Horses

Enjoy and have a happy Chinese New Year!!! 新 年快乐!
Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭 喜 发 财!

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