Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Music in Our Life

Children are naturally drawn to musical sound and rhythmic movement. Music has proven to improve child  brain development.

We heard about baby classes, but was hesitant to start so early. So we went for a trial class when our daughter was 15 months.

Playing ball while waiting for the class to start

Photo taken from www.kindermusik.com
We have noticed improvement:
- vocabulary building
- comprehension skills especially when the book is sung instead of reading
- social & emotional skills
- physical movement, fine & motor skills
- creativity

We have explored songs in different languages as we play the drum and egg shakers, nursery rhymes which were acted out and sang, classical music, finger puppets as the piggys kiss my daughter's cheek.

Playing drum in the music of a Scottish folk song Aiken Drum

Our first and favorite album is Dream Pillow. The class was once a week, but we do same activities at home. Our daughter has been pulling us to dance, sing and play.

Have fun learning and enjoy every moment of it!

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