Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Money Saving Book Shopping!

We've been posting a lot about books and activities. I encourage you and your child to be readers.
Children's books are a bit pricey especially the hardbound picture books. Some don't have the budget to buy one.

Here are some book buying locations and money saving we can recommend:

 1. Buy during Manila International Bookfair
       Once a year September at SMX, Pasay
       International books come in 20% off,
        Local publishers come as much as 30% off with signed books!

   2. Visit warehouse sale of bookstores
       You have to rummage through a pile and choose a good book or a good copy

Daughter & I choosing books to buy

3. Online Shops
        My personal pick is The Learning Basket , they screen, review and sell only books that has substance for learning. A mix of brand new and second hand books, all books come with a description by the shop owners which they personally read. We have been buying for almost every week!


4. Second hand store
     Available in different malls mostly in metro manila
    You have to be very keen in choosing because these are not screened.
     If you don't have any idea what good books are for your children, you'll get lost in the pile.

5. Buy a lot overseas and have it shipped in a balikbayan box!
    Books are cheaper overseas.
   You may have someone from abroad arrange it for you or have a P.O. box where items will be delivered and shipped here in the Philippines.

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