Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Rounds!

Rounded fruits for good luck in the coming year! 
Well, we were buying fruits last day of the year, not because of tradition, but because we love fruits! There is a wide variety in the market especially for new year's eve festivity.

We have been reading the book A Day in the Market (book and animated app version), it has been an enjoyable read for my husband and daughter. With excitement, the book captured the scenario in a market, especially because it is a local book. A bilingual book wherein my daughter's favorite words are bayad po and nanay

We literally opened the book and compared items in the market. We identified fruits and my daughter saying 'same' for every one that matches her book. It was a fun market day.

Keeping up with tradition, wearing polka dots, jumping and showering coins and making noise during midnight were the activities welcoming 2014.

Our daughter enjoyed running around to pick-up coins. :)

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