Thursday, May 14, 2015

Home Sweet Home

City or  province, concrete or wood, whatever it is  I agree that home is where the family is.
This topic was very timely because there is an ongoing construction on our house

1. Book: A House is a House for Me
Book from Kindermusik

2.Now let's take a peek at animal homes.
Photos from Kindermusik Video

3.Talk and show different dwelling place.
Talk about Condominium, Townhouse, Single Detached and a Nipa Hut.

We are using some of our projects as sample for the dwelling types
4. Hammer, Carpenters and building
5. Making the Toolbelt
We got a re-usable bag as base material

plus my unskilled sewing skills

Viola the worker's toolbelt
6. Vocabulary : kind of tools

Cardboard tools- we did saw and hammer and put a brush too

Happy constructing everyone!

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