Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sensory Bins

I have first read about sensory bins, I thought it is hard to do.
We were all set for the beach and had a sudden change of schedule and went to a swimming pool instead.
We were already talking about sand and sea creatures. To continue with what we started, we made our sandbox.

1. Materials Needed
All you need are the ff:
  -A box (with cover preferably)
  -Sand (or rice, beans, macaroni)
  -10 different toys (select a theme)
  -Shovel and rake (optional)

2. Count
Find the toys and let the child know there are 10 items to find
Let the child find, count and put in a row.

3. Learn about the animals
  -Look for pictures
  -Make an index of the animals or a three part card

photo taken from devianart

  -Read about the specie, one per day is ideal.

  -Watch a video, select one in the wild, not at the zoo

Once you finish 10 animals, in case you have more toys of the same topic, explore other species.
Always make sets of ten so he or she shows what to expext.

4. Read, Find a book to match

Go ahead and make one!

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